About Us

Kunming Chenghui Flower Co., Ltd. settled in Dounan in 2012 and established Kunming Chenghui Flower Co., Ltd. in 2014 to operate domestic and international trade of flowers.

Chenghui Flower Dounan Wholesale Department is located at the Dounan International Flower Auction and Trading Center in Chuncheng Flower Township, following the operating model of farmers, companies, and markets. Based on the self production of flower farmers and relying on the market, the company's successful brand operation has enabled Chenghui Flower to go out of Yunnan and gain recognition from friends both at home and abroad. At the beginning of its establishment, the company focused on the circulation of the flower market as its main subject, achieving a reasonable division of production and sales. Place market information, brand strategy, and after-sales service first. And with standardized contract operations, strict quality and packaging standards, and a unique regional agency or interlocking direct sales form, we have gradually formed a marketing system led by the "Chenghui Flower" brand, with price, quality, and service. In order to better guide farmers in producing marketable fresh cut flowers, combined with the climate and soil pH characteristics of Kunming, the company truly becomes a link between farmers and the market. At present, a management structure has been formed consisting of a marketing department, packaging and distribution department, finance department, and after-sales service department.

The company's main fresh cut flower varieties include: carnations, roses, sky stars, forget me not, gladioles, lilies, gerberas, love grass, calla lily, platycodon grandiflorus, chrysanthemums, etc. In order to meet the challenges of China's accession to the WTO and effectively protect the interests of flower farmers and consumers, the company will strengthen market guidance, classify the quality of fresh cut flowers, improve transaction transparency, establish online transactions, express flower transactions and other forms, and more conveniently and quickly serve customers. A fence with three stakes, a hero with three people to help, "society has developed into an era where" a single tree cannot make a forest ". In order to better expand business, provide pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services, and establish a sales system that combines price, quality, and service.