Corporate Culture

Love our motherland, love Dounan

Cherish land and repay nature

Respecting righteousness and trustworthiness, establishing a brand

Working together in the same boat to achieve entrepreneurial achievements with one center, two principles, three considerations, four major concepts, and five hearts in implementation

Explanation of company culture concept:

★ One center

Our only product is service, and all our efforts are centered around service.

Benefits are realized in services, value is reflected in services, and the future is presented in services.

Pay attention to service quality, improve service level, and improve service details.

★ The second is the policy

The market is a shoulder pole, with one end picking on the flower farmer and the other end picking on the flower merchant.

Our purpose is to serve flower farmers wholeheartedly and flower merchants wholeheartedly.

★ Three considerations

Balancing the interests of flower farmers, flower merchants, and employees.

★ Four major concepts

Putting people first, focusing on service, emphasizing details to promote management, using flowers as a medium to enter the market, and daring to contribute to others first.

★ Implementation of the Five Hearts

Take careful care of flower farmers and merchants, patiently handle market affairs, humbly learn rules and regulations, sincerely care for the company's image, and create career prospects with wisdom.