after-sale service

You want to ask me: Is there any problem with the shipment of Chenghui Flowers? Have there been any complaints from customers? I want to tell you: Chenghui Flowers grow up through customer complaints... Flowers are agricultural and sideline products, traded in different places, and transported over long distances. It's not normal to have no problems at all. Especially for newly cooperating customers, many of them cannot even name the flowers, and there is no distinction between good and bad. It is inevitable that you may have a deviation from our understanding when placing an order.

So, for flower trading and long-distance transportation, if there is a problem, it is not scary. I am afraid that if there is a problem, how should we solve it! As long as responsibilities, powers, and interests are clearly distinguished, corresponding responsibilities should be borne according to responsibilities, and avoiding disputes and excuses. Chenghui Flower is most honored to have many old customers, accompanying Chenghui Flower's growth and development for 3 to 4 years! In business, everyone is mutually beneficial, and emotionally, everyone becomes friends. This is the eternal pursuit we pursue!

Explanation of complaint procedures for flower wholesale and after-sales service:

Complaint time and procedure?

First: Complaint time

The complaint period for Chenghui Flower is within 3 hours after the normal delivery time. Please verify the quantity and quality of the goods upon arrival in a timely manner, and reject any complaints that have passed the complaint period, especially those made during major holidays in order to obtain greater profits from inventory.

Due to the fact that fresh flowers belong to fresh agricultural products, the timeliness of complaints is very important. During the complaint period, you can file a complaint with our company regarding issues related to the quality and quantity of flowers. Our customer service department will record and provide you with pictures or video materials as evidence. We will verify the source of goods and compare the transportation and arrival according to the procedure. Please provide us with the operation time.

Second: Complaint Content

Use concise and professional language to clarify the arrival time, the variety of goods received, the issues with unsatisfactory quality, and the basic situation from the outer packaging to the product. By taking photos or video screenshots with a camera, our company's marketing department customer service will immediately obtain the arrival picture information. The staff will be responsible for recording the detailed information of the complaint, verifying the arrival situation, and creating a complaint form.

How are responsibilities divided?

Analyzing the problem lies in the division of responsibilities, which not only solves this problem but also avoids making the same mistakes in the future.

1. The cooperation between both parties is still in a period of adjustment, which is a matter of communication and exchange.

2. Our company has procurement issues.

3. The issue of our company's distribution and loading.

4. The problem with the transportation company.

5. Problems during the transfer process.

How to solve the problem?

1. The cooperation between both parties is still in a period of adjustment, which is a matter of communication and exchange. For example, variety identification, quality determination, length, opening, and transportation method determination. Summarize each delivery situation, coordinate each other's needs, and quickly pass the break-in period.

2. Our company has procurement issues. If the customer wants a cheap product and says' good flowers at a good price ', there is no way. If we are irresponsible in purchasing and cause problems such as missing petals upon arrival, our company will bear the corresponding losses and explain to the customer.

3. The issue of our company's distribution and loading. Coordinate the resolution of minor issues, and after our company identifies major issues, if the customer reports losses, our company will bear the corresponding losses and provide explanations to the customer.

4. The problem with the transportation company. In principle, all trade of our company is based on FOB price, which is the delivery price in Dounan, Kunming. We do not earn transportation profits or bear transportation risks. As the customer is not on site, they only handle the shipping procedures and pay the shipping fees on their behalf. If the customer has their own transportation channel, our company only provides the source of goods, and the customer can directly transfer money to the transportation company.

5. Problems during the transfer process. Kunming usually handles transportation to airports, train stations, buses, stations, docks, etc. in local provincial capital cities. The cooperation and expenses for the transfer to the customer's flower shop are directly communicated, negotiated, and cooperated with the transfer person. Our company can only provide the contact information of the forwarder. Therefore, we will not bear any losses caused by this.

Processing time and process:

1. Our company's distribution and loading issues

If the responsibility is divided into issues related to our company's distribution or loading, we will normally negotiate with the customer to compensate for the loss within 3-5 working days (during holidays, we need to do so within 3-5 working days). Generally, the customer, on the principle of minimizing the loss, repairs the available flowers at a low price and reports the loss to our company. After our company determines the compensation amount with the customer based on the reported loss, the finance department will refund the corresponding compensation to the customer.

2. Problems with transportation companies or forwarders

If the analysis determines that the problem lies with the transportation company or the shipper. For example, our company has delivered the goods to the transportation company on time, but the transportation company encountered problems during the transportation process and delayed the arrival time. When these transportation problems occur, our company does not assume transportation risks. Our company implements FOB pricing and does not earn transportation profits. We only purchase, distribute, and pack according to customer requirements, and then deliver the goods to the transportation company for shipment, so we do not bear transportation risks. However, we have a responsibility and obligation to negotiate with the transportation company in the name of the customer's agent under the authorization of the customer, and strive to obtain compensation from the transportation company for the customer

3. Old customer compensation system

If the division of responsibilities falls under the responsibility of the transportation company, and the transportation company does not actively solve the problem, our company will provide certain compensation to old customers who have cooperated for more than half a year and have no less than 10 items per month. The company shares some losses with old customers, and when the price of fresh flowers is appropriate, customers ship goods as gifts to reduce their losses. This compensation system can be understood as Chenghui Flower cherishes its cooperative relationship with customers and is willing to share risks with them.


1. Flower trade belongs to the trade of fresh products in different regions, which involves various aspects of the industrial chain, such as transportation logistics planes, trains, cars, etc. Many aspects cannot be solved by a flower company.

When problems arise, our principle is to clarify the problem and negotiate a solution. Getting angry and arguing cannot solve the problem.

3. We hope that customers can understand the current situation of logistics in China regarding the delayed transportation of goods and various issues during transportation.

4. Our company will choose reputable and capable transportation companies for customers to fundamentally reduce or avoid problems.

5. Risk and profit coexist. When you want to earn a larger price difference, you should think of the emergence of greater risks