Global "Street" Power | Flowers "Road" Release! Green Channel Helps Kenya's Fresh Flowers Lead Away

How long does it take for a rose to reach you from a branch on a farm in Kenya? What kind of flowers do African people like the most? How do African people view China Africa relations through flowers as a medium? Pok a video! China Central Television's Africa Central Station's internet celebrity reporter takes you on the streets of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, to explore the truth!

Long flowering period, multiple varieties of Kenyan flowers are highly sought after by many countries

Thanks to its unique geographical conditions, Kenya is very suitable for the growth of flower varieties such as roses. Many flower production bases within its territory are located near the equator, on high plateaus with abundant sunshine all year round. The flowers produced are diverse in variety, with large flower heads, thick stems, strong vitality, and long vase life. They are deeply loved by Kenyan people and even flower enthusiasts around the world. In this context, Kenya has become the largest exporter of fresh flowers in Africa and the fourth largest exporter of fresh cut flowers in the world. In 2022 alone, Kenya exported nearly 195000 tons of flowers, with a revenue of approximately 718 million US dollars.