A Rose Fragrant in Four Seasons - Development Sidelights of Linxia Baiyi Yinong International Flower Port Co., Ltd

From a rose seed to vase roses of different colors in every household, there are at least 10 processes involved. In Qingsi Village, Qianhan Town, Linxia City City, Baiyi Yinong International Flower Port has turned "spring planting and summer harvest" into a real "four seasons harvest" - "China Rose Ultimate Factories" has written a "new legend".

Recently, when the reporter and his team arrived at Linxia Baiyi Yinong International Flower Port, the workers were proficiently selecting flowers, picking leaves, removing thorns, packaging on the operating platform, and finally sending them to the preservation and transportation workshop for transportation.

Company leader Ma Wenbin told reporters that Linxia Yinong International Flower Port Co., Ltd. is a mixed ownership enterprise jointly established by Linxia Yinong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Investment Co., Ltd. and Linxia Prefecture Baiyi Trading Co., Ltd. The project was officially put into operation in November 2022. It is an agricultural technology enterprise that integrates intelligent greenhouse construction, flower product research, flower production and sales, warehousing logistics, and digital agriculture, Undertake the overall operation of Baiyi Yinong Fresh Flower Port.

The most prominent keywords here are "Super Rose" and "Technology Planting". In the daily operation of the company, the "super rose" is reflected in all aspects.