Prosperous and famous for its flowers, the Dounan Flower Exhibition in Kunming, China opened grandly

The agile design and graceful lines are inspired by the rare plant plateau snow rabbit. The entire work is composed of 30 types of floral materials, with brownie tulips as the finishing touch, showcasing the autumn and winter atmosphere. This work is created by Wang Zhidong, a Chinese flower arrangement master, a professor at the Chicago College of Flora in the United States, an international judge of the Interflora World Cup Flora Competition, a recipient of the Shanghai Labor Day Medal, a inheritor of the Shanghai style flower arrangement intangible cultural heritage, and a member of the world skills competition flower art project expert coaching team. The flowers are beautiful and light footed, accompanied by a lively and colorful flower show, and the Kunming Dounan Flower Exhibition in China The curtain officially kicked off.