Eternal Colorful Hanging Rice

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✺ Flower material: Hanging meter

Nicknames: Tailed Amaranth, Immortal Valley, Old Spear Valley

✺ Flower language: Diligence, diligence


Water culture flowering period: about one week

✺ Soil culture flowering period: flowering period is 7-8, fruiting period is 9-10

✺ Features: Hanging rice is an annual herb in the Amaranthaceae family, reaching up to 1.5 meters in height; The stem is upright, robust, with blunt edges, single or slightly branched, green, or often pinkish in color. When young, it has short pubescence and gradually falls off. The leaf blade is rhombic ovate or rhombic lanceolate, with a short or obtuse tip, convexity pointed, and the base is wide wedge-shaped, slightly asymmetrical, with a full or wavy margin. It is green or red in color, and has no hair on both sides except for slight pubescence on the leaf veins; Utricles nearly spherical, with a diameter of 3 millimeters, upper half red, extending beyond the perianth segments. The seeds are nearly spherical, with a diameter of 1 millimeter, light brownish yellow, and have thick rings.

✺ Maintenance Tips:

1. Pruning: Remove rotten and excess branches and leaves, and trim at a 45 degree angle for maintenance

2 Cleaning: Change water and cut roots every two to three days, clean the vase and stem

3 Water level: Shallow water level, around 1/3 of the vase water level